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Can you sense it? The theoretical impending conclusion of this world? The everlasting night? Unadulterated apprehension? In the midst of this impending carnage, destruction and anarchy, we will rise and defend all those whom seek the certainty of righteousness. You may not be on familiar terms with us, for we linger unseen. To those whom seek to annihilate us tread delicately for our tolerance has run dry like the sands of a perpetual desert. However, if you wish to know us, then we shall supply the edification. We are heroes, vigilantes, harbingers of justice, however you wish to comprehend. We are the children that belong to the night of Gotham. We are the rays within the illumination of the brilliant sun of Metropolis. We are the Coalition. We have but one ambition, the well being and refuge of all civilians that seek the certainty of freedom within the familiarity of daily society.  We endeavor to be those who will deny them the fear from those who seek to undermine their ambitions by any means necessary. We are not rogues, no, though our determination and behavior tend to fit us in this type. We are but common men and women with uncanny abilities that we will not deny, and we seek only to use this clout to protect and serve. We are the Coalition… Men and women that will serve and protect until our last breath.


"Alone, one man can be a feared adversary but get a team together and your enemies will think twice about pissing you off!"

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coalitiontkj, May 24, 11 7:31 PM.
What do you think?
What we are currently in need of: Healers 3 (Any) Tanks 2 (Ice) Controllers 1 (Gadget) DPS 1 (any) See Recruitment thread in General Discussion forum for more info.
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